About My Big Fat Greek Family & Life

Some of the family, meeting in Kythera for dinner.

Why do restaurants throw some Feta cheese on a pizza, or a lettuce salad and call it “Greek?” Pizza isn’t Greek, and neither is lettuce salad. We call it horiatiki meaning village…yes, we eat village salad. I know this is the “about me” page, but I wanted to explain why this blog is called “Just Add Feta.”

My name is Joanna, I’m a Greek-Canadian living in a Southern-Ontario suburb. I was born in Canada. My mother and father immigrated from Greece. They fell in love in Canada, and had three daughters. And here I am, an aspiring photojournalist studying the art of all-nighters, and trial-by-taste Greek dishes on a student budget. I love feta. And olives. You need to understand this. And I love books, and food, but most of all, I love my family. We’re a big-fat-Greek family, dispersed between  Canada, the States, Greece, Australia, and various parts of Europe. Distance never stops us from meeting to share a meal, and a rather loud conversation. Or argument in most cases.

I learned to cook at a young age, by watching my parents. All day, everyday, and I would shuffle into the kitchen to offer my assistance. My end of the bargain promised taste-testing and learning to make my families traditional dishes. So, I’m here, in the blogosphere, to share my families traditions, some history (since it’s in my nature to provide a history lesson), and of course: recipes. Food. But you won’t find many recipes to enforce stereotypes, but rather renditions of old traditions, with a Canadian twist.

Here’s a quick break down of the site:

Main Page: blog posts and photos to lure you to the recipe

The Food: recipes, instructions, and photos

The Words: translation of simple Greek phrases, names, and dishes

Enjoy my posts, enjoy my culture. Kali Orexi. (Click the word).

P.S. Don’t forget to reply to posts via “Leave a Comment.”

P.P.S All photos are my own, unless indicated otherwise.

My favourite spot on Diakofti beach, northern Kythera.


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