The Words

Welcome to THE WORDS. For your convenience, I’ve provided a few simple words and phrases associated with Just Add Feta, and Greek cooking.

Common Greetings & Salutations

Yiasas: Common greeting, translates to “hello.” In a sentence: Yiasas, ti kanete? (Hello, how are you?)

Kali Orexi: A salutation before eating. Translates to “Bon Appetite,” or “enjoy your meal.”

Stin-iyeia Sas: A common salutation/phrase when making a toast. Translates to “to our health.”

Kalosorisate: Welcome

Efharisto: Thank you

Parakalo: Please (but in some contexts, it also means “you’re welcome” se parakalo is a more proper way of asking).

Names and Titles

Yiayia: Grandmother

Papou: Grandfather

Thea: Aunt

Theo: Uncle

Kiria: Ma’am

Kiri-eh: Sir

Yianna: My name Joanna as pronounced in Greek.

Utensils and Words in the Kitchen

Pirouni: Fork

Koutali: Spoon

Mahyeri: Knife

Piato: Plate

Flitzani: Cup

Hyeria: Hands

Trapezi: Table

Koutala: Serving spoon


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